Blaser R8 Ultimate Carbon Leather Ruthenium Fluted

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⚑️ Blaser R8 Ultimate Carbon Leather Ruthenium Fluted ⚑️

One of the world’s rarest precious metals is the eponym for this top-class hunting rifle, boasting an elaborate Ruthenium finish πŸ’Ž The DLC (Diamond-Like-Carbon) coating on the trigger, bolt handle ball and hold head is not only a visual highlight, but also offers protection against the most extreme conditions πŸ’ͺ

The R8 Ultimate sets the bar in terms of functionality and design. The two-piece ergonomically designed thumbhole stock ensures a completely relaxed shooting position, as well as optimal control of the rifle when firing ⚑️

Carbon fibre, offering astoundingly high strength at an extremely low weight, could be considered to be the only material to use for one of the best thumbhole stocks on the market πŸ‘Œ

Shown here with .270 WIN Fluted Barrel πŸ’₯


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